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Granuflex Kft. 2016
The   company   collects   and   processes   over   10,000   tons   of   waste tyres     every     year,     making     a     large     contribution     towards environmental protection. The   material   produced   from   processing   the   waste   tyres   are then recycled during our manufacturing.
We   have   been   using   rubber   granules   to   make   synthetic   sports field coverage for over 30 years.
The   GRANUFLEX   Group   was   founded   in   1982.   Our mission    is    to    manufacture    state    of    the    art    and worthy   products   and   provide   services   that   highly contributes       to       the       protection       of       natural environment and promotes healthy living.
Our     developers     have     several     decades     of     experience     in exploring    polyurethane    synthetic    resin    and    rubber    granule based composites for multiple purposes
The    playground    equipment    and    shock    absorbing    coverage    designed    by    the    group    are classified    according    to    European    standards    and    represent    the    leading    edge    of    such products in Europe. Please   take   a   look   at   our   new   product   catalogue,   which   confirms   our   highest   commitment to   continuous   development,   improvement   and   manufacturing   state   of   the   art   and   high quality products.