GRANUFLEX   -   RAIL   filler   block   elements   for urban and suburban railways
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The     GRANUFLEX     -     RAIL     filler     block     elements     are manufactured    by    compression    technology    using    rubber granules   and   polyurethane   resin   mix   most   suitable   to   the actual   rail   type. The   standard   length   is   1500mm,   alternatively 750mm. The   750mm   long   filler   block   elements   overlap   each   other creating better water seal.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
The GRANUFLEX - RAIL modular system elements can be utilized in both grooved (Phoenix) and railway (Vignol) type rails with or without fastening. Examples of utilization:
An   important   consideration   during   the   development   of   the   product   family   was   to   avoid   the   need   of alteration   to   the   elements   during   installation.   Therefore   the   internal   filler   blocks   can   be   made   without spacer   rod   or   plate   slots,   furthermore   both   internal   and   external   filler   blocks   can   be   made   with   slots   of rail fastenings of the required size.
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