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The   GRANUFLEX   -   RAIL   range   is   the outcome      of      several      decades      of production    experience    and    years    of research and development.
In   1990,   GRANUFLEX   Group   became   one   of   the   first   in Europe    to    manufacture    safe    playground    coverages with shock absorbing tiles made of rubber granules.
Development   in   every   product   category   has   involved   various   departments   of   the   Budapest   University   of Technology and Economics, and experimental models have been tested in the university laboratories.
GRANUFLEX   -   RAIL   products   are   mode   of   rubber   granules   of the   optimal   grain   structure   combined   with   polyurethane   binder then   pressed   into   its   mould.   The   material   composition   and density    of    each    product    category    has    been    developed specifically   for   its   intended   intended   area   of   use.   The   exact composition   and   quantity   of   ingredients   of   each   product   is assured by an automated, computer controlled mixing plant.
We   apply   the   strictest   quality   control   system   in   all   of our   manufacturing   activities.   GRANUFLEX   was   first in    the    industry    to    obtain    ISO9001    certification    in 1994. We     sell     GRANUFLEX     rubber     tiles     and     other vibrationand    noise    damping    products    throughout Europe and in many othe contries of the world.