flexible      modular      rail      bedding      system elements   have   been   developed   for   urban   and suburban,     concrete     surfaced     and     grass railway structures.
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The   GRANUFLEX   -   RAIL   modular   rail   bedding   system   elements   were   developed   to   fit   rail   profiles   with or   without   rail   fastening.   These   filler   block    and   rubber   base   plate   elements    are   manufactured   using compression   technology.   The   completed   flexibility   examinations   and   the   positive   results   of   the   3 million   cycle,   180kN   axle   load   fatigue   tests   -   as   per   standard   EN   13146-9:2009+2012   are   verifying   that the system has long lifetime.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
The   GRANUFLEX   -   RAIL   flexible   rail   bedding   system   insulating elements   are   providing   appropriate   protection   from   the   formation of   stray   currents   as   the   standard   regulations   of   DIN   EN   50122 and DIN VDE 0303-30 (IEC 60093:1980) are met.
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