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GRANUFLEX RAIL - Pur - 150, RAIL - Pur - 290 and RAIL Pur - 630 embedding compounds.
GRANUFLEX   Rail-Pur   poured   materials   special   comprise   two-component   polyurethane   synthetic resin   with   rubber   granule   filler.   Products   developed   with   different   flexibility   properties   permit   the selection of the material which best suits the load and displacement forces. With   suitale   roughening,   all   of   the   rail   embedding   materials   provide   excellent   adhesion,   enabling installation of the rail without steel fasteners.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
GRANUFLEX   Rail-Pur   materials   may   be   used   for   embedding   rails   independently   or   in   combination with   filler   blocks. Taken   together,   the   combination   of   materials   of   various   flexibility   and   the   choice   of installation methods cover the widest possible range of technical requirements. Some examples of application:
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