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GRANUFLEX-RAIL    under    ballast    mats    are    ideally    suited    to    the    reduction    of    acoustic    and mechanical   vibrations   under   concrete-slab   railway   tracks   or   under   ballast   and   transverse-sleeper track structures.
The   under   ballast   mats   are   made   with   rubber   granules   of the    optimal    granule    structure    and    polyurethane    filler, pressed into slabs. The   standard   slab   sizes   are   1000x1000   and   2000x1000, but may be made to different sizes on request.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
The    range    of    under    ballast    mats    for    vibration    damping have   been   developed   to   suit   a   wide   spectrum   of   technical requirements     in     railway     and     electric     railway     track construction systems. To   provide   the   best   choice   of   product   for   the   prevailing load   and   installation   conditions,   products   of   four   different compactness have been officially tested and certified.
GRANUFLEX-RAIL RA-15/L, RA-20/L, RA-25/L, RA-30/L RA-15/T, RA-20/T, RA-25/T, RA-30/T under ballast mats for vibration damping
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