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The   bottom   of   the   rubber   pads   are ribbed    which    helps    the    gripping onto   crushed   stone,   to   even   out the      load,      also      reduces      the horizontal     shifting     of     the     rail structure,   and   the   damage   due   to thermal expansion.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
The   GRANUFLEX   -   RAIL   under   sleeper   pads   are   manufactured   by   compression   technology   and   made   of rubber   granules   and   polyurethane   resin   mix.   These   pads   are   built   in   during   the   manufacturing   of   the sleepers.   The   solid   connection   between   the   rubber   plate   and   the   sleepers   is   provided   by   the   specially designed surface of the pads. The   3   flexibility   types   of   sleeper   pads   provide   suitable   solution   for   railway   traffic   and   load.   The   pads   are manufactured according to the size of the lower surface of different sleepers.
GRANUFLEX - RAIL under sleeper pads type BA-133, BA222 and BA-333
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