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GRANUFLEX panel system for urban and suburban railway sound absorption walls
The   GRANUFLEX   sound   absorption   panels   are   made   of   recycled rubber   tyres.   Reducing   noise   pollution   using   waste   recycling,   it   acts as a double environmental protector. The   GRANUFLEX   sound   absorption   panel’s   different   inner   and   outer material    composition    provides    extraordinary    reduction    of    noise pollution.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics Laboratory of Acoustics and Studio Technologies
The   GRANUFLEX   multi-layered   sound   absorption   panel wall’s   acoustic   rating   (B4)   is   the   best   rating   possible   in terms   of   sound   proofing,   it   is   also   highly   effective   in   terms of sound absorption (A4)
The   steel   frame   built   in   the   panels alone    provides    rigidity,    resistance against   wind   and   possible   load   due to snow plowing, etc. It   also   provides   effective   reduction of    personal    injuries    and    damage caused   in   traffic   collisions   due   to   its flexible rubber granule composition.
The   500mm   tall   GRANUFLEX   sound   absorption   panels   are   designed   to   be   placed   between   posts   3 or   4   metres   from   each   other.   The   thickness   of   these   panels   are   made   according   to   the   size   of   the wall posts which is 130mm thick as per the HEA160 profile of standard EN.
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